As tourist interest and habits change, destinations need to innovate in response. While hotels and resort offer a place for accommodation, guests are growing to become more aware of their surroundings, which are instrumental to create lasting memories. A Tourism Study provides a deep-level analysis that formulates a strategic plan for our clients in curating a well-balanced destination. It helps guide the development of a tourism destination, with an ultimate goal of increasing visitation and destination awareness by carefully selected, complementary uses and facilities. We first evaluate the current market competitiveness based on our research and insights from key local tourism experts and then devise development schemes that embody a unique positioning and sustainable competitive advantage enabling sustainable tourism growth. Successful tourism attractions are built with an intent to spark interest and encourage tourists to visit the destination; they can be golf courses, theme parks and other entertainment venues or much more toned down with limited hardware. The latter is of course more complex to devise! Notably, scale does not converge with sustainability. These projects can start from smaller scale sites for single resorts to large-scale masterplans to new development zones of dozens of square kilometers.

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