Friday, April 19, 2024

Hotel Operator Guide 2024 - 11th Edition

Anchi LIU

The Annual Asia Pacific Hotel Operator Guide (HOG) Eleventh Edition!

This guide is the most established publication in theindustry in Asia Pacific to guide investors and owners in understanding thescale, presence, and capabilities of hotel operators in the region. The HOGhighlights geographic distribution and brand presences of existing propertiesand pipeline supply, as well as management structure by operators. Thepublication aims to serve owners and investors a unique reference about thegrowth and scale of international and regional operators of esteemed reputationand footprint in Asia Pacific.

By the end of2023, the hospitality industry has by and large moved on from one of the mostchallenging periods in its recent history. The pandemic has blatantly exposedvulnerabilities and thrown many a challenge across the gamut of stakeholders.

While most ofus are not keen to look back on these dire straits, the effects are lingeringand at times brought profound changes. Assets may have changed hands, ownersfind themselves under financial duress, and financing for construction,acquisition and renovation has become more challenging on the back of risinginterest rates and inflation. The industry will take time to adapt and evolve.

Under the newfundamentals, hotel development has become more expensive. As a result,pipeline room growth has slowed down. At the same time, the rise ofbranded esidences continues and will not go away. The major operators seemto have fared well, as many registered a net room growth in excess of 10% inline with the growth in existing supply.

The HotelOperator Guide remains a popular tool among both owners and operators to assessthe competitive landscape and expand their knowledge. A simple reference, ithelps to educate owners about the scale, presence and capabilities of operatorsacross the region.

In this 11thEdition, we have captured over 1.6 million existing, and shy of 1 millionpipeline rooms spread across 8,762 properties. This publication features 43leading operators. Our analysis covers 36 countries and territories inAsia-Pacific and over 1,570 markets with existing hotels as well as more than1,120 markets with proposed hotels.

We would like to thank all the operators who haveparticipated and supported our publication, especially for the 11th anniversaryedition of HOG!

AP reserves all rights to include operators in the publication. This article gives an excerpt of our findings as below. Full Hotel Operator Guides are available for purchase, please contact for the details.

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