The hotel valuation is a critical step for owners, investors and lenders to understand the financial health of an asset. Applying the three approaches of income, sales comparison and cost, we formulate our opinion of value. The income approach factors in macro-trends, the competitive environment of supply and demand with underlying growth, segmentation, asset condition and funnels it down to the bottom line and ultimately, property value. The analysis is supported by a detailed narrative which outlines key assumptions for a reader to follow the underlying rationale applied and understand the key factors in detail.

Whether you are on the buy-side or in lending, our valuation report gives you a high level of comfort by having a full picture of the property in a detailed evaluation, which can run up to 100 pages. While it is a premium product, it is the only report that gives you the level of detail and support in the analysis that you can present to your investment committee. Our offices is registered by the Royal Institute of Chartered of Surveyors

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