Market and Economic Feasibility Study

A Hotel Feasibility Study offers in-depth analysis of an opportunity that takes into consideration many aspects of a development project that can impact its success. The process dives into analyzing key areas including

  • economic indicators
  • tourism industry
  • site characteristics
  • competitive set
  • market demand and growth
  • forecast of occupancy and average rate
  • ProForma statement (10-year)
  • costs and financing,
  • and more.

Critical outcomes include:

  • positioning & brand recommendations
  • Facility recommendations (area program)
  • financial performance
  • return on investment analysis (payback & IRR)

Potential investors can thus position the project to maximize their return on investment or achieve other objectives as desired. A feasibility study helps owners and developers to identify whether the project is sustainable over the long-term that will deliver profitability and potential value if a sale should occur over the investment time horizon. In determining the financial viability and feasibility of a development project, our expertise comes with key insight into the local market knowledge, the hotel industry across Asia-Pacific and sophisticated methodology and anlysis.

Some stakeholders that can benefit from reading a feasibility study include:

  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Lenders
  • Operators & Brands
  • Hotel managers
  • Architects
  • Government

A feasibility study conducted by AP Hospitality Advisors gives you instant recognition with leading operators and investors in the region.

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